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Useful Information

Climate of Kyoto

Climate of KyotoKyoto is known for its unique climate and weather.
September is late summer and is the other best season along with spring to visit Kyoto. Mild and sunny weather prevails on most days.
The average temperature in Kyoto is 24.1 degrees Celsius, and humidity is 68 percent in September. It is a very nice climate to visit.

Program for Accompanying Person


Shodo, or calligraphy, is the art of writing Chinese characters (known as kanji) as well as the two Japanese syllabaries (known as kana) using brushes, ink, and paper. Nowadays people do not use Shodo for practical purposes, but it remains an important part of Japanese culture.

Tea CeremonyTea Ceremony

Chado or Sado (referred to as tea ceremony) is a traditional ritual influenced by Zen Buddhism. Powdered green tea (matcha) is ceremonially prepared by adding hot water and mixing it with a bamboo whisk. Then it is served to a small group of guests one by one in a Japanese tea room.


Origami, one of the Japan's unique arts, is now famous throughout the world. Square pieces of paper are folded into various shapes such as birds, animals or flowers.

Optional Tour

There are many places where you can enjoy Japanese cultural experiences in Kyoto. The traditional culture of Japan can be experienced in the many temples and cultural sites. The representative experiences include Tea Ceremony, Flower Arrangement, Kimono/Yukata Wearing, and Zen Meditation. Please check the following sites for more information.

Optional Tour<Experiences and Tours>


  • Tea Ceremony
  • Traditional Crafts
  • Dressing up as a Samurai or Maiko etc.
Optional Tour<Entertainment and Tourist Attractions>


  • Geisha and Strolling Around Kagai
  • Kabuki Theater and Kaomise etc.
Optional Tour<Experience of Maiko, and Kimono Rental>


  • Maiko plan
  • Geisha plan etc.


  • Kyoto 1-Day Tour from Kyoto
  • Kyoto Morning Tour from Kyoto
  • Kyoto Maiko Plan & Kimono Rental at Kyoto Tower etc.