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Roundtable Discussion -Meet the Expert-

Seats are still available! Don't miss this opportunity!

Venue: Room Swan, Kyoto International Conference Center
Fee: Ticket JPY1,000 for each roundtable discussion.
Breakfast is provided.
9 seats (8 seats for RT-27-5) are available for each and it is first come first served.
No refund will be made.

Tickets are still available for purchase.
Please click the “Buy Ticket” button below and send an e-mail with your name, registration number, and roundtable number that you would like to attend.
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Monday, September 25    7:30am - 8:30am


Eberhard Wieland
Klinikum Stuttgart, Germany
Lymphocyte surface molecules as immune activation biomarkers in solid organ transplantation
(9-seat available)


Hartmut Derendorf
University of Florida, USA
How to write a good article
(9-seat available)


Roger Jelliffe
University of Southern California, USA
Individualized drug therapy
(9-seat available)


Michael N. Neely
Children's Hospital Los Angeles, USA
Optimal sampling and dosing for individual patients
(9-seat available)


Philip Patsalos
University College London, UK
Antiepileptic drug TDM: Current practice and future prospectives
(9-seat available)


Shinya Ito
The Hospital for Sick Children, Canada
Drug monitoring in pregnancy and lactation
(9-seat available)


Vanessa Steenkamp
University of Pretoria, South Africa
Assay and screening for drug abuse
(9-seat available)


William Clarke
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA
Development and validation of clinical LC-MS assays – Consensus guidelines from CLSI
(9-seat available)

Tuesday, September 26    7:30am - 8:30am


Alexander Vinks
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, USA
Precision medicine in pediatrics
(9-seat available)

RT-26-2Fully Booked

Etienne Chatelut
Institut Universitaire du Cancer de Toulouse, France
Clinical pharmacology of anticancer agents: benefits and limits of TDM


Hans Maurer
Saarland University, Germany
Clinical or forensic toxicology – What''s the difference?
(9-seat available)


Ikumi Tamai
Kanazawa University, Japan
Systemic effect of hepatic transporter and enzyme interplay
(9-seat available)


Kamisha Johnson-Davis
University of Utah, c/o ARUP Laboratories, USA
(9-seat available)


Mercè Brunet
Hospital Clínic of Barcelona, Spain
What we must improve to be able to implement biomarkers that facilitate a personalized immunosuppression?
(9-seat available)


Uwe Christians
University of Colorado, USA
Therapeutic drug monitoring - A journal of personalized drug therapy
(9-seat available)

Wednesday, September 27    7:30am - 8:30am


Charles Arthur Peloquin
University of Florida, USA
TDM of anti-tuberculosis treatment
(9-seat available)


Hirotoshi Echizen
Meiji Pharmaceutical University, Japan
Individualization of warfarin dosing
(9-seat available)


Manuela Neuman
University of Toronto, Canada
Mitochondrial toxicity-liver toxicity
(9-seat available)


Tomasz Pawinski
Medical University of Warsaw, Poland
Implication of pharmacokinetics of immunosuppressive agents on TDM
(9-seat available)


Tsuyoshi Fukuda and Chie Emoto
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, USA
Improving pediatric dosing through allometric scaling, PopPK and PBPK modeling
(8-seat available)


Tsuyoshi Shiga
Tokyo Women's Medical University, Japan
Clinical uses of amiodarone
(9-seat available)


Yasutsuna Sasaki
Showa University, Japan
Clinical trials for anticancer agents
(9-seat available)